Tours Available

*2 Hour Classic Tour (2 hours – 20 miles)
This trail goes up and over a mountain and into Devils bowl. Where fragments of Colorado mining and out back spirit can be found. Pay respects to Sgt. Nulph while down in the bowl, find out Ponderosa pines secrets. This trail offers switchbacks and will climb thousands of feet. There are sections of bumpy rocks, though most the trail is “smooth”; it is an ATV after all. This trail twists and turns, its a beautiful ride!

*3 Hour Classic Tour (Sgt. Nulph and Ferns Leaf) (3 hours – 30 miles)
Want more trails and to see a whole different side to the Texas Creek Trail System? This trail is like mini Baja, more twists, turns and switchbacks that will make your day.

For the more Experienced group
Great for groups that want a bit more of a challenge, these trails go to harder to reach areas of the Texas Creek Trail System. The trails are steeper with a larger elevation gain to reach the upper mesa.

* Inspiration Point – 2 Hour Advanced Tour

Enjoy a more fast paced  2 hour tour up to Inspiration Point, one of the most spectacular views in Southern Colorado.

*Triple Overlook Tour  – Advanced 3 Hour (3 hours – 25 miles)

This one overlooks the Devil’s marking, then another overlooks the Texas Creek junction and the final overlooks the Arkansas River valley. Views of The Sangre de Cristo mountain range meeting the Colligate Peaks. The trail leading up is a thrill starting at Play Dirty ATV Tours Texas Creek base elevation of 6194’ and tops out at 8780’.

*Past Windy Point into Back Valley (4 hrs – 35 miles)

Up the advanced trail and around our Table Mountain. Head into bear country and with luck spot the wildlife that lives in the upper mesas. This will keep you next to cliffs and on narrow trails. Within reach of the spine is where we turn around.

*All Over the Place – (approx 6 hours)

This tour will really allow you to explore the beautiful Texas Creek Trail system! You will get to see the best parts of our shorter tours and our guides love to show off Colorado’s best on this tour! (bring your lunch with you)




*Rocky Mountain Romance Tour – (approx. 3 hours)

Looking for something special to do? Want to show how amazing and incredibly thoughtful you are? Well then this is the tour for you! Our Rocky Mountain Romance Tour (date night on the mountain) is exactly what you’ve been looking for! Our guide will take you up to Inspiration Point, which boasts some of the best views Southern Colorado has to offer, to watch the beginning of the sunset. We will supply a 2 person side by side or individual atvs for transportation, and a blanket to sit on.  The guide will take you up the mountain, help get you set up at Inspiration Point, and will leave you alone for approx. 45 minutes to an hour (weather and daylight dependent) to enjoy the view and the company, and will then come back and guide you back down the mountain. Everything is taken care of for you! Just book and enjoy! This tour is completely customizable as well! Does your honey have a favorite flower? A favorite food? We can make arrangements for any special occasion!  NOTE: NO ALCOHOL IS ALLOWED PICTURED IN ITEM IS NON-ALCOHOL CHAMPAGNE!!!

Fremont County Residents please call 719-275-7373 to book for 10% off your tour! (Must show ID)

Military or Veterans, please call 719-275-7373 to book for a 15% Discount

First Responders receive 15% discount, call to qualify and have discount applied.

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Interested in booking a corporate package for your employees? Please give us a call at 719-275-7373 and one of our trained reservationists can assist you!

Cannot be combined with any other offer or coupon.

Parties of 6 or more will be automatically charged a 15% gratuity fee.