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About Us

Visit the ATV Capital of Colorado

Minutes after leaving Texas Creek Junction, the mountain trails lead us 3,000 feet above the valley, where the views are absolutely awesome. Traces of pioneer life are all around you. We have many Texas Creek ATV trails and paths to choose from and each is very different. Your personal interest and riding ability will determine which adventure awaits you.

Adventure Enthusiasts

We love to ATV and love to show people a great time on these beautiful Colorado trails. We offer ATV tour options for everyone! If you are a more advanced rider, consider booking our two or three-hour advanced tours, or really take your time in the mountains and book for four or six hours!

open dirt road

Couple driving off-road with quad bike or ATV

Thrill Seekers

Our tours are great for people of all ages, including beginners and those that have never ridden in the mountains before. We demonstrate how to safely operate each machine you will ride, and how to trail ride safely. We will slow down at hazards to help all members have a safe time on their tour.

Couple driving off-road with quad bike or ATV


guy with go pro giving the thumbs up on his atv


little boy geared up for some riding


Touring ATV 2 Seater:

1 Driver + 1 Passenger.

Driver must be 18 yrs of age or older. Polaris 570 Sportsman

Ready to Ride?!

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